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About First Flight Bicycles
We are four locally owned stores, First Flight Bikes, Spirited Cyclist, Uptown Cycles, and The Davidson Warehouse “Recyclery”. We span collectively amongst four communities and share a common warehouse for supplying the wide variety of bikes and products our fellow cyclists want. We work as a team to serve you better.

When you walk into our stores we want you to know,

You’ll have the best shopping experience in our store
You’ll have the best service experience in our store
You’ll want to come back again and again
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Who is the ownership? Well, there’s a handful of us with interest in the communities we serve. We’ve designed it that way. We believe no one person can represent the community for all things bicycles. We think you’ll agree too. Our plan is to grow our band of bicycle loving folks until the weight of our stores demands employee ownership. We believe employee ownership is key to the health of the community and the growth of bicycling. So the next time you come into the shop know you’ll be greeted by the future owners of the store.

Getting to know us is a lot about our history and how our paths crossed. Every day we ride for transportation, for exercise, competition, community, or just to be outside. All of these means, given a long enough timeline, gave us the opportunity to join our resources together to serve our individual communities better. Need a coach? Need a triathlon expert? Need the best fit or training for that next big ride? Need someone who does long haul trips across the country? Cyclocross? Commutes by bike every day? Races by road or trail? Teach your child how to ride a bike? Maintain your bike? Knows all about vintage bikes and that one little part you’re looking for to complete your 70s Schwinn? Maybe just someone who just started riding? BMX? A woman’s riding perspective? Maybe a little gravity gets you going in the right direction? All of these individuals are here for you. We are your community and here to help you along the paths you choose to ride your bike. Yes, we’ve got all that, and we’re proud of it. And we want to share it with you. If Spacex puts a park on the moon, we’ll be there for moon biking.









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(704) 878-9683


As you save Rides, Routes, Events and Challenges, they will show up here.

As you save Rides, Routes, Events and Challenges, they will show up here.

As you save Rides, Routes, Events and Challenges, they will show up here.