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Downtown Neighborhoods and Kennedy-King Park #30BikeRidesinIndy

Indianapolis, Indiana , United States
7.6 mi




ft elev +


Explore some icons in downtown Indianapolis: American Legion Mall, Glick Peace Walk on Indianapolis Cultural Trail and Kennedy-King Landmark for Peace Memorial.  Did you know? Indianapolis devotes more acreage than any other U.S. city to honoring our nation’s fallen, and is second only to Washington, DC, in the number of war memorials. 
The Kennedy-King Landmark for Peace Memorial commemorates when Robert Kennedy spoke in Indianapolis on the night that Martin Luther King was assassinated.  On the Landmark for Peace memorial website ( is states "The ideals of Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. guide us as we work to diminish racial conflict, inspire courageous action, and strengthen Indianapolis."  
The Glick Peace Walk is along Walnut Street on the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. In addition to Gene and Marilyn Glick’s $15 million gift to the Cultural Trail, they also gave $2 million to honor fourteen life changing Americans, whose lives were dedicated to peaceful pursuits in an attempt to change the world forever.  These luminaries are featured on the Glick Peace Walk: Susan B. Anthony, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Franklin D. and Eleanor Roosevelt, Jonas Stalk, Mark Twain, Booker T. Washington and the Wright Brothers.

Ten luminary gardens will be located along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail along a median on Walnut Street between Meridian Street and Capitol Avenue. The luminary garden dedicated to Abraham Lincoln will be located at the southwest corner of Washington and Illinois Streets. Martin Luther King Jr.’s luminary garden will be located on the southeast corner of Washington and Pennsylvania Streets.
American Legion Mall, extending from St. Clair  to North streets between Meridian and Pennsylvania streets, is home to the World War II, Korean and Vietnam Wars and the Cenotaph Memorials. 
American Legion Mall
The Wright Brothers luminary on the Glick Peace Walk, Indianapolis Cultural Trail
Kennedy-King Landmark for Peace Memorial
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