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Morning Commute Mixer

Golden, Colorado , United States
26 mi




ft elev +


Looking to spice up your commute? Ever so often when the weather is nice, our resident graphic designer, Alex, likes to mix up her morning ride into work. So on a beautiful autumn morning, I went down to Golden to see where this ride takes her!
As the sun began to rise, we navigated by way of bike lanes and shared paths to a bus stop only 20 mins away.
Utilizing the bus network helps to cut down Alex's total commute time while also allowing her to access some sweet single track! 
Rays of sunlight shine down through the overcast clouds leaving us in awe over the beautiful views!
Time to shred! 
Roaring down smooth single track surrounded by golden prairie grass.
Back in the office, it's time to get to work! What an incredible morning. Bike lanes, gravel, and single track - oh my! How do you spice up your commute? Let us know down in the comments!