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Snow Day with the Business Network Team!

Boulder, Colorado , United States
4.7 mi



ft elev +


After a sunny 70 degree day, the Front Range was hit with a massive two day snow storm. The Business Network team, here at PeopleForBikes, decided that it would be fun to experience the joy of winter fat bike riding.
Time to saddle up and meet the team!
Meet JJ - our Director of Data + Technology!
JJ manages all things on the data front for the PeopleForBikes Business Network. When she’s not leading the charge on databases, she can be found racing her two-wheel companion on dirt or winning mutton-busting competitions.
Meet Noa - our Federal Affairs Manager!
Noa manages PeopleForBikes’s federal engagement by shaping and advocating for policies on Capitol Hill that promote and fund better biking across America. She loves talking to lawmakers, regulators and their staff about bike policy and navigating the ever-changing political landscape in D.C. Noa wishes that more people realized how convenient, efficient, and fun it is to travel around D.C. by bike, which is, of course, her favorite place to ride.
Meet Ashley - our Regulatory & Policy Analyst!
Ashley helps make bike riding better by advocating for policies and measures that benefit and protect biking such as funding for trails, protected bike lanes, bike safety laws, and e-bikes. She loves riding her bike anywhere that’s close to the mountains and believes that improved bike policies can lead to the betterment of the world’s health, environment and communities.
Meet Eric – our Business + Political Engagement Manager!
Eric manages industry and political engagement at PeopleForBikes, which includes organizing DRAFT meetups as well as BikesPAC events and donations. Eric loves his job because he gets to work with a broad range of bike riders across the entire U.S. His passion for bike riding was piqued in his college years at Indiana University, where he worked in a bike shop and raced the Little 500.
Meet Riley - Marketing Coordinator and Business Network Liaison for the MarCom team!
Riley works to amplify the work of PeopleForBikes through social media, branded merchandise and PR. She enjoys sharing the joy of bike riding with others and in turn making the world a better place. Riley learned to ride as a child but didn’t touch a bike again until she was a junior in college. After several years of competing in triathlons, she now enjoys riding her bike for recreation and fun.
Remember to hydrate!
Shreddin' the snow!
Thank you for supporting us so that we can support you and the nation in making bicycling better! Happy snow days!