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Atlanta, Georgia , United States
23 mi



ft elev +


Coffee and Biscuits?  Sure, I'll go on a road ride at 6:15 in the morning.
#MASHTOBRASH leaves every Wednesday morning at 6:15 sharp from the shop.  It's about as fred of a road ride as you can imagine with everything from single speeds to tandems joining along.  It travels around the lesser ridden Northwest Atlanta before heading to Brash Coffee and chilling out for a bit.  The ride is no drop and beginners are encouraged to come out and give a group ride a shot.  
Photo credit: James Brechtel --
Photo credit: James Brechtel --
If you plan on riding this one alone I would highly suggest leaving very early in the day so that you can get the most uninterrupted riding.  There are sections that are highly trafficked after 8:30-9:00am so be weary.