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My Mixed Terrain Meditation

Kamas, Utah , United States
March 21, 2020
16 mi




ft elev +


We are fortunate to be living in the Unitas, 20 miles east of Park City where the air is crisp and the views are stunning. My wife and I took this ride after a hard week of WFH. 

This ride meanders through the dirt roads of our neighborhood before heading up route 150. In late spring the gate at mile marker 14 opens and you can keep climbing up to the 11K foot elevation sign on Bald Mountain.
This time of year the weather in the Unitas can change drastically but you can always count on some kind of precipitation.
This short and narrow covered bridge does its best to muffle the sounds of the Beaver Creek but it will have none of that. The creek provides the soundtrack of our lives.
Once you hit the pavement of the Mirror Lake Highway, you can count on Smokey to give you the stinky side eye.
Just another mile up the road as the hill crests we stop, turn around and make our way home. We needed just a little more daylight to make it to mile marker 14 where during this time of year, the road is closed. Another reason to do this ride again.
Hard to rush home before the sun sets when you’re taking in views like this.
This was an hour we gave to ourselves but the Mountains ended up giving us more than we expected. This was my mixed terrain meditation.




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