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Coffee Outside - Duck Pond edition

Madison, Wisconsin , United States
March 31, 2020
2.2 mi




ft elev +


It’s been a long few weeks of cool and cloudy weather and I’ve spent far too much time inside staring at a screen as I work from home. But, today is a bright, early spring day and it was time to get fresh air and sun.  I didn’t have a ton of time, so I decided to ride a mile to the duck pond and make some coffee.

I’ll share my essentials for a quick coffee-outside trip. Some people will prefer pour over rigs, a unique grinding method, a specific bean, etc. If you have a favorite process that’s different, leave a comment at the bottom of the page. I’d love to hear how you do it. (Upper L => Lower R):

(1) Bialetti Moka Express® 6-Cup Espresso Maker ($35 from Target).
(1) Coffee from Northern Coffeeworks “Boundary Waters Blend” ($16
(2) Ride Spot 6oz tumblers from MiiR ($18 from
(1) Patagonia ultralight day pack
(1) aluminum thermos (water for coffee - bring extra coffee home)
(1) Small MSR ISOPRO canister fuel (~$5 from any camp store)
(1 book) matches (free from your better local supper clubs)
(1) Primus Trail Stove (~$25 from any camp store).

The prep is straight forward. Fire up the stove to a light/medium flame, place the Bialetti on top and listen for the percolation to finish in the coffee maker. Remember, it’s not about the “quality” of the coffee maker, the beans or the cups though, it’s about taking the time to have a new experience and enjoy the outdoors. Happy trails!




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