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Ride Solo Series: Route #1 : Strava Segment: The Deer Creek Run, In Less Than 12 Parsecs

Mackinaw, Illinois , United States
February 20, 2020
21 mi




ft elev +


Ride #1 of the Ride Solo TT Series starts and ends right here at the Deer Creek American Legion POST 1276(31473 American Legion Dr, Deer Creek, Illinois 61733). Parking is available, but the building will not be open to the public... so plan to come here solo, be fully self supported and ready to rip this 20 mile route. This is a mixed surface route and the gravel is very smooth in most places, but will vary based off of the weather... so be prepared for a fun ride on smooth tarmac and several stretches of fast gravel if it's dry... just save something for the final climb up Crazy Cook Hill... once you're at the top you'll be out of breathe, but it's just a quick left and sprint to the finish!
I know it's not going to be easy, but try to resist the cuteness of my facial hair homie Lemmy as you rip this route... he will be on your right and will come running towards the fence to greet you... cause one, he loves cyclists.... and two he's very protective of his home territory so don't get too close to the fence if you choose to stop, drop and selfie... key safety tip!
Make sure you bring snacks and water, event sponsor Skratch Labs makes killer chews, bars and hydration that I love, so stock up pre-ride to be prepared to take advantage of snack watts. At a 16mph pace this route took me 1:17, KOM Teller doesn't steal KOMs, he creates them for you all to fight over! What bike you ask? I rode my Specialized CruX on 30/32 Roubaix Pro 2Bliss Ready with roughly 35psi in front and 38psi in rear for the big butt taps. If I go again I will use my Specialized Diverge on a similar tire set-up to take advantage of the future-shock on the gravel. I'd recommend at least 28mm wide tires at a minimum, but a 30mm+ file tread is a more comfy ride on the gravel sectors fosho. Tubeless is a plus but not mandatory, just make sure you have flat supplies on hand or a SAG or Uber on call. Ride Solo, Ride Safe... have fun and share your story after... ~ KOM Teller




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