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KOM Teller's Route 03: Lightspeed To The Cantina

Maroa, Illinois , United States
May 22, 2020
25 mi




ft elev +


I took my Zwift bike out of quarantine for a ride! I needed to get a tune up on my Allez (Gazoo) so I scheduled a day to take it to Bloomington Cycle. Today was the day! I figured since I was already going to drive an hour to support my not so local local bike shop, that I would take the Diverge ( Rocky) out for a KOM Teller adventure. The weather was perfect, the wind was normal, and I had just finished my second cup of coffee. Time to ride! As I started out of town and onto the course it hit me. It being that second cup of coffee. Now you've probably noticed I have aero bars on Rocky, but what you don't know is that doesn't necessarily mean I know how to pee on the bike. Great, I've just hit the beginning of the segment and I need a tree. No trees in sight and no cars in sight, alas, I had to stop. After a brief but relieving weight reduction, I was off to crush some rocks! (was that too much info) I just recently started riding with music since social distancing means no riding partners to chat with. I only use the right earbud for safety. Well, just as I hit the gravel, out of 300 plus songs on a shuffled playlist guess what comes on? Another one bites the dust by Queen. This did nothing for my confidence on what would be my first gravel ride in over a year. ( Neck surgery, you could fall, wife was right, its dangerous, blah blah blah, you get the idea) Cruising right along and enjoying every solitary minute of it. ( ya'll see what I did there?) As I was getting closer to the end of the course, I remembered what KOM Teller told me about the last stretch of gravel. I'm glad I had this warning. This stuff was deep, yo! I almost ate rocks twice on a near gravel surfing wipeout! I tried to find a line to ride but it all looked the same. After a few close calls I finally found a solid line and picked up the pace. Now remember that I mentioned the 300 plus song playlist I was listening too? Well, as I turned onto that final stretch of gravel I hear The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) begin to play. How fitting! I mean, I can't make this stuff up. Even if I did, it's posted on the internet so now it's legit! For real though, it happened. Looking forward to coming back up to ride routes 1 and 2. Thanks, KOM!




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