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National Cheese Day!

Denver, Colorado , United States
9.2 mi




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At PeopleForBikes we like to eat, and we don't like to drive. When we heard National Cheese Day was coming up on June 4, we knew we had to support local businesses by picking up a curbside order of cheese from Truffle in Denver on 6th Ave.
We started out in East Denver and took a leisurely roll down to colleague Sara's home, where we met her and Morgan (of Mother's Day Ride fame), to wiggle through historic Denver neighborhoods and City Park before ending up on 6th Ave and picking up our order from the mongers. 
Truffle is the longest running European style cheese shop in Denver, and during normal times offer up cheese classes and events for the most enthusiastic of customers. 
With cheese in hand, we headed up to Congress park!
We decided to picnic in Congress park, where we enjoyed a Bucheron, Petit Basque and Truffle Noire plus locally made campo seco salami and gluten free seeded crackers, plus Dram seltzers while enjoying the late spring Colorado weather.
Morgan giving us her "Vanna White" impression whilst showcasing our haute fromage.
Charcuterie in the park - what a delight!
How are you spending your National Cheese Day?!

- Isaac Novak
PeopleForBikes Content + Design Coordinator