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The Joy Of Riding

San Antonio, Texas , United States
July 3, 2020
24 mi




ft elev +


Getting my bike washed
Heading towards Hemisfair Park
Water fountains & art at Hemisfair located near the south.
I love exploring different art mediums throughout the city by bike. San Antonio has sculptures, murals, paintings, & beautiful architecture to explore. It all looks different when exploring by bike.
On a hot & humid day in TX it’s nice to enjoy the view of the fountains near Hemisfair Park.
Witte Museum practicing social distancing.
Have to make a pit stop to the Art of Donut. I saw they had a new donut for the season called Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake but it was sold out when I arrived. So we opted for the Strawberry Green Matcha donut which was delicious & a cool refreshing green iced tea to wash it all down.
Enjoying the flowers & scenery by the Witte Museum on Broadway Ave.
Flowers & gardens at the Witte Museum
Riding around town this morning on the eve of July 4th. It was a beautiful quiet ride just taking in everything around me. Hardly no traffic on the roads. Which is a major plus! All the parks are closed for the weekend to flatten the curve on COVID-19. 

We were able to ride through the parks with no traffic & no people. You definitely can listen to the birds chirping when you couldn’t hear or pay attention to them before. Riding my bike was very therapeutic taking in all the sounds & sights. You just can’t get that by car. So get on your bike & ride to see all the beautiful things in your neighborhood. 




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