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Washington, District of Columbia , United States
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This Fall, DC Bike Ride is offering a new cycling experience to keep everyone active during social distancing. We invite you to explore local routes, connect with other cyclists virtually, and achieve goals for a chance to win Prize Packs with awesome bike gear and swag.

The DCVR is not an organized event, nor promotes gatherings of any kind. Its format is designed for solo riders or riders within the same household. We encourage participants to practice social distancing and follow safety guidelines while engaging in the proposed activities.
Paid registration for the DC Virtual Ride is now closed. We ask participants to notify us via email ( should they have yet to receive their Virtual Rider Kit.

DCVR Rules and Goals:
You have between November 1 and 21, to ride anywhere and complete 100 miles or 10 rides of 3+ miles to unlock Virtual Rewards. Once you have reached your goal, you will also be automatically entered for a chance to win a DCVR Standard Prize Pack, and the rider with the most rides and the one with the most miles score a Premium Prize Pack each.
Although the DCVR Event on Ride Spot is open to all app users, only those who sign up for the experience at will receive a virtual rider kit and be eligible for rewards.
The DC Virtual Ride is powered by Ride Spot, and presented by CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and Events DC. Add more fun to your cycling memories shared on social media with the DCVR GIF collection presented by our celebration partner, Sibley Memorial Hospital.
Mileage Leaderboard (Last Update: 11/17 - 8AM | Next Update: 11/24 on final leaderboard)

1.	C. Kane	(553.40)
2.	E. Kidane	(475.01)*
3.	D. Daly	(384.34)
4.	W. Monroe	(367.43)
5.	K. Wuchter	(354.97)
6.	M. Mac	(346.10)
7.	G.	(336.42)*
8.	D. Pomeroy	(294.20)
9.	S. Scruggs	(286.10)
10.	E. Campos	(272.10)
11.	L. Christiansen	(266.10)
12.	M. Davis	(256.78)
13.	S. Jorayev	(256.40)
14.	S. Biddle	(244.30)
15.	D. Pincus	(241.30)
16.	N. Westgerdes	(235.70)
17.	R. Thar	(232.70)
18.	M. Johnson	(230.90)
19.	R. Balogun	(211.46)
20.	C. Chern	(193.30)
21.	J. Gifford	(171)
22.	L. Goldman	(169)
23.	C. Merchant	(168.11)
24.	G. Ruderman	(164.50)
25.	J. Dolan	(162.90)

*Participants that are not following the DC Bike Ride profile or have published private rides will need a total mileage review before final results are published.


Rides Leaderboard (Last Update: 11/18 - 11 AM | Next Update: 11/24 on final leaderboard)

1.	M. Mac	(84	rides)
2.	J. Dolan	(25	rides)
3.	C. Chern	(20	rides)
4.	T. Hart	(20	rides)
5.	M. Davis	(19	rides)
6	A. Moehlman	(19	rides)
7.	C. Kane	(18	rides)
8.	S. Loveday	(18	rides)
9.	S. Scruggs	(17	rides)
10.	C. Merchant	(17	rides)
11.	E. Myren	(16	rides)
12.	M. Johnson	(15	rides)
13.	G. Stiegman	(15	rides)
14.	E. Campos	(14	rides)
15.	W. Monroe	(13	rides)
16.	D. Daly	(13	rides)
17.	G.	(13	rides)
18.	D. Pincus	(13	rides)
19.	J. Delfino	(13	rides)
20.	S. Noble	(13	rides)
21.	D. Pomeroy	(12	rides)
22.	R. Thar	(12	rides)
23.	A. Moore	(12	rides)
24.	R. Cooper	(12	rides)
25.	K. Wuchter	(11	rides)

To make your bike miles and rides count, participants must 1- join the DCVR event and 2- follow the DC Bike Ride profile on Ride Spot. Before taking on your favorite route, 3- start recording your ride using the Ride Spot app and 4- save the ride as public.

Your public rides will be listed on your Ride Spot profile and, as long as you follow the steps above, your miles will be automatically added to the event data file.

Please note:
> You won't be able to access the DCVR Leaderboard, but we will keep you posted with weekly updates. 
> You won't receive a notification that you have completed the event because DCVR doesn't have a specific route for you to ride as you can ride anywhere.
> For indoor/stationary rides, please, use a mileage tracker of your preference and then share a picture of your mileage/ride on social media. Tag @dcbikeride and use the #GoVirtual. Your profile must be set as "public" so we can get a notification and view your post.

If you are experiencing technical issues using the Ride Spot app, please, contact the Ride Spot support team directly:

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Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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8:00 AM



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Ride Anywhere!

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