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Never Leave the Dog Behind 💚 Centennial Trail Ride

Willow Springs, Illinois , United States
October 5, 2020
12 mi




ft elev +


It has finally cooled off enough for my four-legged best friend Springer to join me on some of my bike rides! He gets excited when I pull out his trailer- it means he gets to run and then relax while taking in all the smells. I love seeing the smiles he brings to other cyclists as we pass each other!
Centennial Trail has a beautiful well-maintained wide bike path that alternates between full sun and shade that follows along the canal. It is an extremely flat and easy ride where one is removed from all cars or worries of cross-traffic.
This champ ran a little over a 5k!
After a rest and some water, he gets settled into his DooggyRide trailer. He's living the good life 💚
What I love most about having the trailer is our adventures don't have to end when he gets tired. Seatbelt him in and off we go.
The Centennial Trail trailhead is tucked in off Willow Springs Rd, between the Speedway and the train bridge North of Archer Ave. I think the next trailhead access point for cars is in Lemont, so this trail goes quite a ways along the canal. It also connects to the Cal Sag bike trail if one wishes to do a loop instead of an out & back. This trail is mostly populated by cyclists and the occasional long distance runner but never feels congested; it's the perfect place for me to ride with my doggo.




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