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Reedley - Orange Cove Ride

Reedley, California , United States
28 mi



ft elev +


Looking for a nice, bike-friendly road ride in the Reedley area? Give our Reedley-Orange Cove route a spin! We looked for country roads with wide shoulders and little traffic, and love the views of the foothills you get on this ride as you ride east! 

The ride starts on the bike trail in downtown Reedley. There is plenty of parking in the lots on either side of 11th Street. Head down the bike trail to its end at Buttonwillow then follow the route out towards Orange Cove. There is one short hill on Manning just past Hill Valley Road that will get your legs going but the view from the top is spectacular and the short descent is awesome! 

Loose dogs are always something to watch for when riding out in the Reedley countryside, but we have not run into too many on this route. Occasionally, we have had a couple little dogs run out at us at the intersection of Dinuba and Alta, and there are sometimes a couple dogs that run out from a house near the canal just past Manning and Hill on the south side of the street. A stern "No!" and a quick squirt of water at them is usually all it takes to get them to lose interest real fast! 

Climbing miles can easily be added onto this route by simply turning right onto Sand Creek Road instead of turning left. Riding up to the Country Store as an out and back adds about 12 miles to the ride for anyone looking for a little more climbing. 
The view from the top of the hill on Manning is amazing! We love getting to the top and seeing the beautiful scene below us. The road on the climb up is very rough, with lots of potholes and bumps in the asphalt. Take care as you climb and avoid the urge to ride in the middle of the road because there is traffic on this section of road. Stay to the right and be alert and mindful that cars and trucks may be approaching from behind and coming over the hill from the other direction! The road is nicer on the other side of the hill, though, so descending is a lot smoother. (Just a heads up.)
Enjoy the up-close views of the foothills as you ride east of Orange Cove!
There is a bike lane or wide shoulder for most of this route, and the country roads that don't have either are wide.
If you park in the parking lot behind the bike trail off of 11th Street, you can hop on the bike trail very easily and take it all the way to Buttonwillow. Treat yourself to lunch at one of the great restaurants in Downtown Reedley after you're done with the ride! :)