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Goatman Trail

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii , United States
2.5 mi




ft elev +


Hawaii's version of slick rock!  Not very slick, but a fun intermediate ride through lava fields north of the airport.  This trail is a bit tricky to navigate as markings are a bit faint.  To start, you can either park at the entrance to Kehaka Kai State Park or at the end of the road near the beach parking area of Kekaha Kai Park. Depending on the direction of your start, the trail winds through the lava fields.  Look for white stones or white chalk marks to keep you on the Pahoehoe  (smoother) lava. The start from the beach park is a fun option as your loop will end back at the beach.  Look for cairns (rock piles) to indicate the begining or end of the trail.

This gate will be a gate you either go by at the beginning of the ride or at the end... depending on which direction you take. This is at the parking lot at the beach park.
An example of the markings on the trail.
One of the cairns and some of the markings on the trail.