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PVD Donut Loop

Providence, Rhode Island , United States
14 mi




ft elev +


What better way to experience Providence’s best donuts than by bike? This 13-mile loop will help you feel a little less guilty chomping into any of the crazy concoctions dreamt up by three of the city’s best sources of fried delight! 
Start your trek at Knead Doughnuts on Elmgrove Ave. Fuel up with a fresh-baked brioche, cake, old-fashioned, flourless or vegan doughnut and a fresh-brewed Bolt coffee. 
Pro tip: Order ahead before you start your ride so you can skip the line at each stop.
Next, head on over to PVDonuts in Fox Point. Here’s where things get a little crazy, with options like Borealis Coffee Milk and Twix Cheesecake donuts.
One final stop at Glaze’n Daze for some of the lightest and fluffiest donuts in all of Rhode Island will fill you up as you venture back to Knead to close out the loop.