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WRC to Great River Landing

La Crosse, Wisconsin , United States
3.3 mi




ft elev +


Going North on Caledonia St you will pass through a warehouse parking lot. Keep going North until you arrive at a T which is Livingston St. Go left (West)1 block, over to the paved bike path that starts at Black Cove/ Kentucky Fried Chicken. Travel north and get a nice view of the Black River. Stop at the Eagle Viewing area just before you pass under I-90. After riding under I-90 you will than get to Onalaska and pass a DQ. Stay on the sidewalk or ride the bike lane on the street, your preference. The Great River Landing starts the Great River Trail heading north. The view along the first part of the trail gives you a scenic view of lake Onalaska. In about 8 more miles you will come to Lytle's Landing, which is marked by a tresses bridge over the Black River. You can stop and dip your feet, take a break, and enjoy the ambience. It is about 4.5 more miles to Trempeleau.