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Trace Bikes - Temple - Boyd Mill - Southhall- Natchez Trace (aka the Dolly-Llama Route)

Nashville, Tennessee , United States
November 13, 2016
36 mi




ft elev +


This classic route runs from the parking lot of Trace Bikes on Highway 100. You'll deal with a bit of traffic on the first mile going down Temple Road, but after that you'll enjoy many stretches with little to no traffic at all. After Temple Road you'll get to enjoy a beautiful shaded section that runs by the river Old Natchez Trace. Del Rio will provide a few scenic spots, but the most fun will be on Old Charlotte. Locals call it the "Hedge Road", it has a nice section lined with hedges on both sides that protect you from the wind and allow for a quick pace and PR's if that's your thing. From there you'll cross over Highway 96 in Franklin onto Boyd Mill. The second section of Boyd Mill is quite pleasant with some nice shade and a picturesque stream that runs beside it. The ride will continue onto Blazer (aka Boxley Valley) then to Mc Millan. This section of the route is why we call it "Dolly-Llama".
Although you'll only go over 1/2 of Dolly before turning on McMillan to see the Llama's. Technically I think they're Alpaca's but "Dolly-Alpaca" just doesn't have the same ring. Continue onto Southall, then Old Hillsboro where you can stop for snacks and refreshments at Puckett's in Liepers Fork. From there you'll continue to take beautiful back roads to the Natchez Trace Parkway. The Natchez Trace Parkway is 440 miles from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS and it’s beautiful. This rolling, winding road boasts "no commercial traffic" and bikes have the right of way. Be sure to stop for a picture when you get to the bridge over Highway 96, don't worry you'll know when you get there. You can't miss it. The ride finishes at the terminus of the Trace and a quick 1-mile jaunt down the bike lane on Highway 100 right back to Trace Bikes.




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