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Tour de Red Rock Canyon

Las Vegas, Nevada , United States
15 mi




ft elev +


The Red Rock Canyon loop is my favorite mid-week after work ride during summer when the days are longer. It’s typically cooler in this side of town than the Las Vegas Valley. The view of the sunset over the Rainbow Mountain Wilderness area is – most of the time – stunning!
The ride is just a hair short of 15 miles, and the 1,5xx feet gain is more than enough to get my legs screaming after a long day sitting in the office. I consider myself as a weekend warrior and I typically finish the ride within an hour to hour and fifteen minutes. I start and finish the ride at Red Rock Canyon Overlook parking by Hwy 159.
Need to know:
If you haven’t ridden here before and would like to ride it, there is a $5 entrance fee. The annual Red Rock Canyon Pass is $30. You can get in for free if you already have the National Park Annual Pass, just make sure you carry it with you and show it to the person at the Entrance Station.
Ride submitted by PEARL iZUMi Ambassador Randy Barcena, IG: @be_rb