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Deckers Groad Loop

Littleton, Colorado , United States
46 mi




ft elev +


Foxton-Buffalo Creek-Deckers Groad Loop
Nestled a short drive (or ride) deeper into the mountains southwest of Denver is the little hamlet of Deckers, Colorado. Deckers is most known for its world-class fly fishing, camping, hiking, and peaceful mountain views. The South Platte River winds through the surrounding Cheesman Canyon and provides anglers a bounty of brown and rainbow trout to fish.
For adventurers on 2 wheels, a lovely road: part paved, part dirt, and part questionably pothole-laden asphalt hugs the river on its journey back toward civilization and makes for a delightful ride on a gravel or low tire pressure road bike.
For this ride, cyclists can park for free at Jefferson County Open Space’s Reynold’s Park just south of Conifer on South Foxton Rd. This paved parking lot is heavily used and has clean bathrooms, making it a safe place to leave a car for a few hours. Cyclists can park along the river at the bottom of the initial 3-mile descent as well to avoid the 3-mile climb back up to the car at the end of the loop, shortening the route to 40 rather than 46 miles.
To begin the ride, turn Right out of the parking lot and ride down South Foxton Rd for 3 miles until the pavement runs into SW Platte River Rd at the South Platte River. Turn Right and ride along the South Platte for 5 miles. The initial 5-mile stretch along the river on SW Platte River Rd is similar in composition to the final 5 miles of the loop -a flat road but filled with ruts and potholes in crumbling asphalt so riders need to pay attention to the surface. The towering rock structures of Cathedral Peak and cascading water rushing through massive boulders make this portion of the North Fork of the South Platte breathtakingly beautiful. 
*note: along this section of the river, temperatures can drop significantly compared to surrounding areas so it is recommended to bring an extra layer to have for just in case the air becomes windy or chilly.
SW South Platte River Rd ends in Foxton, which is merely indicated by a few older buildings and a vintage sign marking the land, 5 miles from the initial turn. At the junction of SW South Platte River Rd and CR 126, turn Left. About 400 meters up the road is the turn for Buffalo Creek hiking and mountain biking trails, another parking option, equipped with port-a-potties and a covered picnic table area.
Ride submitted by PEARL iZUMi Crew Member Deanna McCurdy, IG: deemccurdy