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2 Days on 2 Wheels - Bentonville - Day 1

Bentonville, Arkansas , United States
5.5 mi




ft elev +


2 Days On 2 Wheels - Bentonville - Day 1
Welcome to 2 Days On 2 Wheels Bentonville! Join us as we explore our favorite Northwest Arkansas city exclusively by bike. Follow along our route or pick and choose your favorite spots and create your own adventure. Let's ride!
21c Museum Hotel
How about a night at the museum… an art museum that is! The 21c Museum Hotel is a treat to stay at. Galleries and installations await you at almost every turn. Be sure to stop on each floor to check out what is on display right outside the elevator. Keep an eye on the suspicious green penguins — they have a tendency to move when you aren't looking.
21c Museum Hotel
Onyx Coffee
Onyx is a great stop if you need to pop out your laptop and get some work done with a great cup of coffee in hand. Not too far from the town square, there’s plenty of seating inside and out and it's a great central location to start or end your day. 
8th Street Market
8th Street Market is a great one-stop shop! The south end of the market is home to an array of food trucks, with more options inside. Pop in if you’re ready for some ice cream from Happy Wagon or a snack from Sweet Freedom Cheese! While you snack up, check out the selection of bikes Buddy Pegs has to offer for demo and rental.
Bike Rack Brewing
You know we can't resist a bike-themed brewery! Located right next to 8th Street Market is Bike Rack Brewing, featuring a great variety of local brews on tap alongside some local seltzers. If you're lucky, our personal favorite — Dinos & Unicorns — will be flowing plentifully. Grab a spot inside or take advantage of the great outdoor seating adjacent to the food trucks. 
The Momentary
The Momentary is a great place with so much to see. This decommissioned cheese factory turned contemporary art space will have you finding a wide array of art at every turn. With rotating exhibits and also a hidden venue, there is always something happening at the Momentary. Visit after dark to see the iconic “You Belong Here” sign lit up in full glory. 
The Momentary
Tower Bar
Perched atop The Momentary sits the Tower Bar. With great views and great vibes, it’s a wonderful stop for a drink of your choice with cocktails, mocktails and everything in between. If they’re available, be sure to take a seat in the circular couches overlooking the amazing views.
Tower Bar
Oven and Tap
Who doesn't love a pizza party! Check out Oven and Tap for a fire-oven-baked pizza along with many more tasty options. Local brews are on tap and ready to quench your thirst. This is a great stop for a casual lunch or dinner. 
The Hub
The Hub Bike Lounge is another great stop for cyclists. Plenty of dining and meeting space makes this a literal hub for whatever you need to accomplish. Indoor and outdoor seating along with a few more private areas make it a great place to catch up or conference. Grab tacos or a beverage from the fully stocked bar at what is sure to be one of your new favorite spots in Bentonville!
Bentonville Water Tower
This landmark staple is visible from many parts of Bentonville. Find your favorite angle and be sure to grab a photo. Here’s a hint: There’s a parking garage where you can access the top floor for the best straight-on snapshot!
Compton Gardens and Arboretum
The Compton Gardens and Arboretum make for a great stroll among the local fauna of Northwest Arkansas. A must-see is the “Heartland” sculpture by Daniel Popper that can be found in the meadow. A great place to enjoy the scenery, this area is full of butterflies, bunnies and we were even lucky enough to see a fawn. Don’t miss this amazing location!
Compton Gardens and Arboretum
The Preacher's Son
The Preacher’s Son is a great place for some upscale eats. Housed in what used to be a church, the architecture and stained glass windows make for an intimate vibe. The entire menu is top tier and their long list of available drinks is sure to please any visitor. 
Discreetly hidden under the Preacher’s Son lives Undercroft. Vibes are high here as you soak up the speakeasy atmosphere. Grab drinks from the bar and lose track of time and daylight! You can also take advantage of the Preacher’s Son’s appetizer menu. 
To get the full experience of the Buckyball, you have to visit at night! Found at the beginning of the road on your way to Crystal Bridges, the sculpture by Leo Villareal attracts visitors daily. With benches circling the ball, lay back and be hypnotized by the light. The Buckyball also serves as a great meeting point for bike rides! 
Thank you for joining us for 2 Days on 2 Wheels! We hope you enjoyed exploring Bentonville as much as we did! What were your favorite stops? Are there any places we missed? Let us know in the comments!
Story by Michael DeHerrera, PeopleForBikes’ digital content creator