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GO Buffalo Niagara - Bike to Work Week Challenge
Bike to Work Week is a national celebration and a fun way to try out bicycling for your commute! You'll find many ways to celebrate with the biking community throughout the week - check out our events page. Join this challenge to be part of the movement about movement and win prizes along the way! The traditional way to participate is by riding your bike into work and back home at least once during Bike to Work Week, May 15-19. Can't ride to work? Consider bringing your bike to work (or borrow a Reddybike!) and use it for an errand or appointment during the workday. If you work from home, take some active rest with a ride around your neighborhood or to get lunch or run an errand.

Start date
May 14, 2023
End date
May 19, 2023
Rides goal
0/ 2
Days remaining

For every 2 rides completed during Bike to Work Week (May 15-19), you'll get one entry into a raffle for five $50 Shop 716 e-gift cards!
When you complete the Challenge, instructions will be provided on how to redeem your reward.