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Provincetown to the Cape Cod Rail Trail (Wellfleet)

Provincetown, Massachusetts , United States
25 mi




ft elev +


This ride takes you 26 miles along paved highway, local roads, and off-street bike paths to the start (or end, depending on your perspective!) of the Cape Cod Rail Trail in south Wellfleet. It's a great outing for a day, but be prepared for weekend crowds on the trail, where kids of all ages are riding their bikes on summer vacation. The CCRT continues for 22 miles through Cape Cod towns with connections to Nickerson State Park. Best time to ride this? In the spring or fall when the Cape Cod traffic is light, the weather is cool, and the crowds are sparse. It's gorgeous year-round and the landscape constantly changes throughout the seasons.
A beautiful ride along the water.
The 22-mile CCRT marker in Wellfleet